Welcoming Spring

March 2, 2009

What better way to welcome Spring by going on a trip with one of your best friends?! And this is exactly what Elena and me did yesterday. We made our way to Zygi, a village only 40 minutes away from the center of Nicosia.

The scenery was simply superb throughout our drive… the Cyprus fields turned green from the bountiful rain and the afternoon sun was glittery gold. The images below are a reflection of how we spent the day.

Below: On the highway heading for Limassol


Stopping in a meadow to enjoy the scenery and have some fun shooting silly photos…  Elena as “George of the Jungle”?elena-on-tree

Me in “The Sound of Music”


Setting the camera on self-timer


Meeting our friends (including Benchi their dog) and heading for the sea!


Stella and Benchi crossing the road


The whole gang at the beach


A car “tied” to a metal tower?!dog-in-van

“Elena, please nooooooo!!!”


Maria and Elena looking for something?elena-and-maria

Could this be a fossil of old?sea-shell



2 Responses to “Welcoming Spring”

  1. moweezle said

    Waaaaaaaaaay too much fun!!!!! 🙂

  2. Elizabeth said

    great photos 🙂

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