A day in the life of…

March 28, 2009

What a fun day I had today with the Ioannou family. Dena and Pavlos, two of my best friends from high school,  asked me to photograph their family. They have been together for twenty years and have three amazingly bright and sweet children, Kyriakos, Constantinos and Christos. I fell in love with all three instantly!

Below are some of my favorite images:img_2623

Little Christosimg_23755

Showing me his favorite toysimg_24191


Constantinos and Kyriakos wearing with pride their favorite soccer team’s scarvesimg_2406

img_24411Getting ready for the park




Soccer is Kyriakos’ favorite sport. He goes for training on a weekly basis. Although Constantinos loves the theater more, he doesn’t say ‘no’ to playing with his older brother.img_2521


Is that ball stuck to Kyriakos’ back or what?img_25331


Oops… Constantinos picking up the ball from a puddle in which he ‘accidentally’ kicked it.img_2555

Pavlos playing around with Constantinos and Kyriakos… Where did Christos go?img_2553

Kyriakos: smart, amazing soccer player, outstanding character!img_24682

Constantinos: loves the camera, is a people’s person and has the sweetest smile:)img_24881

Heading back home. Mom is waiting for us all.img_25751

Constantinos changing clothes after his little ‘adventure’.img_2596

One last shot before we let the kids go. Dena and Pavlos can’t have enough of each other even after 20 years of marriage and another 7 years of being classmates! img_26581





2 Responses to “A day in the life of…”

  1. Myrto said

    Gorgeous pics! Lovely family…

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