Falling in love in Cyprus

April 25, 2009

Laura is from Ireland and Gareth from Wales and although they knew each for eight years, they fell in love here in Cyprus, the island of the goddess of love, Aphrodite!

They are getting married on the 16th of May and they asked me to photograph their most important day. Below are some of my favorite images shot during their pre-wedding session at their beautiful apartment. I spent some time with them and recorded a typical evening in their lives with them playing music and singing together (they are both professional musicians, Gareth playing the trumpet and Laura the oboe in the Cyprus National Band), cooking, playing chess and of course expressing their love to each other.
















8 Responses to “Falling in love in Cyprus”

  1. Myrto said

    Such a cute couple! Cannot wait to see the wedding photos!

  2. They are so neat, both of them! And I cannot wait either for the 16th of May:)

  3. Linda said

    Gareth and Laura have something special-and have found it in each other.
    Don’t they make a fabulous couple?
    I wish them the happiest of times together, which I’m sure they’ll have, and am looking forward to seeing the photos of “The Big Day”

  4. Lynne said

    And we can build this dream together
    Standing strong forever
    Nothing’s gonna stop us now
    And if this world runs out of lovers
    We’ll still have each other
    Nothing’s gonna stop us
    Nothing’s gonna stop us now

    Beautiful words for a beautiful couple – can’t wait for the big day!

  5. Molloy said

    Laura and Gareth – such beautiful pictures – I can see the deep connection you have for each other with these photos – so neat can’t wait to share your special day…..

  6. Nicki said

    What a beautiful couple! Gareth is such a handsome man, and they look like they have lots of fun with each other. They are an inspiration.

  7. Geoff said

    Such beautiful photos! Gareth and Laura are so natural together, you can see the love shining through. Though looking at Gareth, I think Laura’s not all he loves at the moment!

  8. jurgs the german said


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