May 27, 2009

As a photographer, I get inspired by nature, people, paintings and of course other photographers’ work. I very well know the value of inspiration and how important it is to an artist. So, it was a great honor to lend a few of the images I shot over time to other fellow artists whose imagination was aroused when they saw these photos.

Below are the photographs I shot with the corresponding drawings that these artists created.

Photo 1: Troodos Mountains


Canvas painting by Donna WorshamDonna's painting

Charcoal painting by Donna WorshamIMG_2020

Photo 2: Baby AlkinoosIMG_1167

Painting by Kyriaki Kyriakidou (year 10 student at the American Academy Nicosia)George and Alkinoos

Photo 3: Tree trexturetree texture

Canvas painting by Alex Kouvaras (Art teacher at the American Academy Nicosia)Tree trunk


One Response to “Inspirations…”

  1. moweezle said

    This is the coolest post I’ve seen in a long time. Awesome!

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