Hi! I am Penny and this blog is designed for sharing my most recent photographic assignments as well as other things I enjoy. My goal is for you, the visitor, to get to know me as a photographer and as a person. I really love comments,  so I encourage you to leave one or two when you visit my blog.

My email is pennykouppe@gmail.com and my phone is (+030) 69 71925180


3 Responses to “About Penny”

  1. moweezle said

    Hey Penny!!!! How did I not know about your blog earlier???? I am going to add you to my blog roll!!! 🙂 Cheers!

  2. Coach D said

    I love what you are doing! It is a great opportunity for your friends and potential clients to see some of your work. You are an expert in your field! Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!
    Looking forward to more blogs!
    Take care.
    Your friend from America…Coach D

  3. Lama ZenEddin said

    hello my favorite teacher,
    i love your blog and the pictures
    never knew my schoolmates looked that different
    but i’m glad to have seen them so young and cute 🙂
    your student,

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