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Number 1 in Cyprus!

April 16, 2011

I had the honor once again to work side by side with Alex Kouvaras the art teacher at the American Academy Nicosia who was also the art director of the reputable life style magazine OMIKRON (Cyprus) for many years.

The design and concept of the brochure was all her idea. My job was to capture her thoughts with my camera.

Special thanks go to all the preschool and primary school teachers who helped us with managing the kids as well as to all the parents who gave us their permission to photograph their children.

The two brochures will be printed in A3 size and will be folded in three parts. Below lie the two sides for each one of them:

Graduation Photography

May 12, 2010

Location: The American Academy Nicosia

Educating Mind, Body and Soul

Location: The American Academy Nicosia

Event: International Day

Theme: Legends in Music

Departments: Preschool, Primary and High school

Teachers in Charge: Mrs Natalia Loizides, Mr Elias Mavrommatis (PE Department)

Activities: Dancing, Singing, Acting etc


March 25, 2010

Sofi and Maya

February 28, 2010

Historical Figure Day

February 7, 2010

Place: The American Academy Nicosia (High School Dept)

Occasion: Historical Figure Day

Purpose: Charity Event for Haiti